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About The Beach Tennis Store

We just love Beach Tennis! We want everyone to have the possibility to play. And to play you need good Beach Tennis equipment! Therefore we focus on offering everything you need; courts, paddles, bags and balls. We select our products from suppliers that make good quality products and we check the equipment before we ship it out to our customers. Please contact us if you would ever experience any problems with products bought from us! We also like to hear from you if you are looking for certain products we are not offering on the website. Often we are able to do a special order for you!

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The Brands We Carry

We select our products from brands that are dedicated to offering quality equipment.

MBT (Max Beach Tennis) was one of the first Beach Tennis brands in Italy! Their experience is shown in the quality of your paddles.

HP (High Power) is the brother of MBT and is known for its modern graphic designs.

Tom Caruso is another top Italian beach tennis brand, known for their innovations in design.

Cobra offers high quality portable beach tennis courts, build in the USA.

About Beach Tennis

Beach tennis has elements of tennis, badminton and beach volleyball.

It is played on a court of 26¼ ft (8m) wide and 52½ ft (16m) long. The net heigt is 5’6’’ (1.7m). The game is mostly played in doubles, but it is also possible to play singles, for which the court will be made smaller. The rackets are called paddles and are completely solid (no strings), made out of fiber glass, carbon, Kevlar or a combination. Beach Tennis is a fast and fun sport and easy to catch on for all levels and ages!

High Power Systems
Max Beach Tennis