Tom Caruso Hero


Advanced / Pro Levels

Length: 50 cm
Thickness: 19 mm
Weight: 330 gr

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Tom Caruso Beach Tennis Paddle/ Racket Hero.

Recommended for advanced/ pro players.

The Hero has been tailored for the striking player, always looking for the point, always under pressure, always ready to attack. For this purpose, for the 2016 version, we studied the Quick Attack solution, that provides the rubbers with different densities, specifically placed to better satisfy the attacker’s needs. Astonishing power during an attack and rally phases combined with a great control for an extreme defence. In the mid-high area, we use a rubber with a higher elastic module to provide a faster rebound of the ball, whereas in the low area we use a less elastic rubber to grant a better control.

Comes with a paddle cover / bag.



  1. Rose

    Great light paddle with plenty of power! Love the feel of it for a touch shot but also for smashes.
    This paddle has grit on the head surface.

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