Tom Caruso Pink Diamant

$119.00 $60.00

Beginner/ Intermed. Level

Length: 50 cm
Thickness: 20 mm
Material: Glass Fiber
Weight: 360 gr

In stock

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Awesome bling bling paddle, with holes in the center to make it easier to maneuver the paddle.

For a player that prefers a heavier paddle; 360gr.

All our paddles come with a cover/bag!


  1. Aimee Pena

    What’s not to love about this paddle… This is the brilliantly revised version of a Diamant they had couple years back. At the time, they had discontinued this paddle and was no where to be found in the world wide web. Luckily, I never got it because this new Diamant is so much better performance and esthetic wise. The weight distribution is excellent and I’m able to hit more powerful shots which is something I struggled with my other paddles. Plus, you can blind your opponents with this blinging paddle. Highly recommended.

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