Tom Caruso Universe

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Advanced / Pro level

Length: 50 cm

Thickness: 19 mm

Weight: 335 gr

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Tom Caruso Beach Tennis paddle / racket Universe

Recommended for advanced / pro players

Thanks to its Big Spot technology and its double circle 2 holes pattern, Universe presents a significantly wider sweet spot. The result is that the face has less dead zones and so this racket has a homogeneous and explosive impact. In traditional paddles the elastic area usually stays only at the very centre of the face, due to the progressive stiffening of the faces as they get closer to the frame. Universe is specifically created to widen that elastic area. The Big Spot technology provides two different kinds of rubber, using a rubber with a higher elastic modulus in the external circle. At the same time, the double circle 2 holes pattern directly operates on the face, following its geometry. It will be like using a wider racket, without having a wider racket.

All our paddles come with a cover/bag.


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