Tom Caruso Zero


Advanced / Pro Level

Length: 50cm
Material: Carbon kevlar
Weight: 330 gr

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Recommended for advanced – pro players. The Zero is not only a great beach tennis paddle but also a piece of art! The Nepalese artist Shrijit Rjbhandari draws the dream of a free life, with the same wild spirit that you can smell on the Hawaiian beaches of North Shore or in Venice Beach LA.

On the technical side, the new Zero, with the same carbon frame, has several improvements over the previous version. The power is increased thanks to the new core, to the carbon kevlar face and to the newly introduced TriTop hole system. The TriTop holes system is concentrated at the top of the racket and allows a faster push of the ball during the serve and overheads. At the same time, it grants balance and solidity in the mid-low area during defence and rally.

Comes with a paddle cover/bag.


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